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Barrier Coatings For Food Packaging


> Heat Sealable Barrier Coatings for Paper Cups
> Non Heat Sealable Barrier Coatings for Paper Plates, Pizza Boxes and Burger Boxes

AQUACOAT BARRIER COATINGS are replacement of plastic extrusion coating for food packaging. Such Barrier Coated Papers /Paper Boards are Eco- Friendly & Repulpable/ Recyclable. These coatings have Oil, Grease, Water & Oxygen Barrier Characterstics.

Typical Application are Paper Cups, Paper Plates, Pizza, Burger Boxes etc.

Product Advantages:

> Heat Resistant
> Food Contact Approved
> Good Heat Sealablilty
> Good Machine Running Characteristics
> Suitable for Coated and Uncoated Paper Boards
> Coating Applications on High Speed Gravure and Air Knife Machines
> Very High Optical Clarity
> Suitable For Hot & Cold Beverages


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