Polyurethane Solvent Free Lamination Adhesives


We manufacture Mono and Bi-component Polyurethane Lamination Adhesives under the brand name “CHEMIFLEX”.

Solvent Free Lamination Adhesive Chemline Manufactures:

  • Mono-Component Grade CPU 100
  • Bi-Component Grade CPU 100 BC (NCO & OH)


  • 1. Solvent Free Two Component PU Adhesive System, used in the Ratio of 100:60 Parts on High Speed Machines like Nordmechanica for Film to Film / Al Foil Lamination & for making laminates of films like Al Foil, PET, BOPP, LDPE, CPP, MET BOPP, MET PET, MET CPP etc.
  • 2. Solvent Free Single Component PU Adhesive System for Lamination of Paper To Al Foil / Various Films like PET, MET PET, CPP etc.


  • 1) TDI free Medium to High Performance Adhesive & suitable for High Speed Lamination.
  • 2) Suitable for low temperature applications 40-50 OC.
  • 3) Excellent adhesion to different types of film.
  • 4) No residual odor.
  • 5) Best suited for Food Packaging.
  • 6) Good heat sealing and resistance properties.
  • 7) Low coating weights.
  • 8) Gives good bond strength with speckling free results

Solvent Free Lamination machine

In the upper part, machine do not have any drying system. The adhesive coating on substrate/film dries because of atmospheric air.

Mixer for Bi-Component Adhesive

In the mixer two separate tanks are present, one for NCO component and other for OH component, having facility to control the temperature (35 – 50OC) of tanks. From both tanks through separate hose pipes (having temperature 40 – 50OC), adhesive and hardener goes to the dispensing pump where after mixing adhesive is dispensed (temperature at coating roller 40 – 50OC) on the roller. Coating of 1.0 to 3.0 GSM can be done depending upon the film / Aluminium foil combination and end use.

Gluer for Mono-Component Adhesive

The Gluer raises drum’s temperature to desired level (90 to 100 OC). After melting the adhesive is pumped through hose pipe (having temperature 95 – 100 OC) and dispense the adhesive on the roller (temperature of NIP roller approx. 95OC) for application. Coating of 2.0 to 6.0 GSM can be done depending upon the film / aluminium foil combination and end use.

Solvent Free Lamination machine coating system

Solvent free adhesive coating laminator is a special coating system with heating device. Solvent free coating system usually uses four or five rollers structure.

Video of solvent free lamination machine -

Dispensing system video -