CHEMLINE manufactures complete range of Adhesives & Coatings for the Paper Printing, Packaging & Converting Industry which includes:



»  Wet Lamination Adhesives For Semi Automatic Machines
»  Dry Lamination Adhesives for Auto (Billhofer Type), Semi-Auto & Manual Machines.



»  Solvent Less Mono-component Polyurethane Lamination Ahdesive (For Steinemann Machines)



»  UV Coatings for Texture / Drip-Off Effect with Online Duct & Coater Applications
»  UV Coatings for Online / Offline Applications
»  UV Coatings for Heat Set Printed Paper
»  Spot UV Coatings for Screen Applications
»  Primer for UV Coatings, MET PET Primer & Over Print Heat Seal Coatings
»  Water Based Over Print Coatings for Online / Offline & Duct Applications
»  Primer Coat for Replacement of Anti-Setoff Powder



»  Hotmelt / PUR for Perfect Binding (For MULLER MARTINI, KOLBUS M/c's etc)



»  Hot Melt Adhesives for Carton Side / Flap Sealing
»  Hot Melt Adhesives for Document Lamination
»  Hot Melt Adhesive for Sequence Films



»  Animal Jelly Glue for Hard Case / Rigid Box Application (For KOLBUS, HAROUF, MEMORY, MEGA BOUND TYPE M/c's)



»  Book Binding
»  Carton / Shopping Bags Side Sealing & Bottom Pasting
»  Shipping Carton Forming
»  Liner Pasting
»  Micro Fluting to Board Pasting
»  Envelope & Window Patching



»  Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Label Stocks & Hologram Industries
»  Water Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives