CHEMLINE manufactures complete range of Adhesives for the Bottle Labelling Industry for high speed / semiautomatic & manual machines which includes:

"CHEMIGUM" Ice-Water Resistant Labelling Adhesives for Breweries:

  They have been tailored to make them suitable for labelling with various Grammage of paper labels and Neck foiling on glass bottles in Breweries.
 Good Flow ability and faster drying characteristics.
 Immediate skid free on application
  Good for foiling
 Labels and foils are removed easily in Bottle Washer at the time of recycling of the bottles.

"CHEMIGUM" Labelling Adhesives for Distilleries, Wineries, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries:

 Have good pump ability
  No air bubbles or wrinkle formation after labelling
 Skid free in nature
  Good Tack, hence good label finish.
 Suitable for all types of labelling machines

"QUIKLOCK" Hotmelt Labelling Adhesives for PET Bottles:

 It is suitable for labelling of PET bottles for Beverages and Mineral Water. It has been designed for vertical labellers.
 It gives no fumes and fibre formation during operation.  It has good bonding of PE films and Paper with PET, but may also be used for other plastic     containers and variety of other labels.
 Free flowing characteristics of melt, good pump ability.
  Strong Bonding between PET to PP/PE label, equally good performance even on wet bottles.
 Cold Labelling Adhesives for PET/Plastic/HDPE Bottles on Automatic Machines. It is suitable for both high speed labelling machines of    both POT type and PUMP type arrangements.

Industry wise specifications: